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Hello folks, this is an attempt at a mixed English / German page.
A tribute to all our friends out there in cyberspace and/or true life.
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Donald Murray 1971 ... 2004

Donald Murray on home ground outside Kelso, summer 1971
Donald Murray on home ground outside Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
Photo taken by the author in summer 1971.

Donald Murray relaxing in our living room on his visit in Nov. 2004
Donald Murray relaxing in our living room in Aplerbeck on his visit in Nov. 2004.
The pneumatic harmonium behind, built in Gera, Germany in 1928, is still in use, though some of the pipes are now rather mistuned.

Donald Murray, my first and surely most faithful pal ever, hails from Perth, Scotland.
I first met him at Duns Primary School way back in 1963 or 1964. He was a pupil of the other of two forms during my third or fourth year at school.
We lost contact some years after our family emigrated to West Germany in 1967. The last letter dates 1973.
What a tremendous surprise my wife and I experienced in May 2002 when a tentative e-mail addressed to "Franz at www.goschi.de" popped up, consisting mainly of one question "Franz, is it you?"

Donald Murray, mein erster und vielleicht auch bester Freund, stammt aus Perth, Schottland.
Unser erstes Zusammentreffen erfolgte bereits im Jahre 1963 or 1964, als ich ihn, selber Dritt- oder Viertklässler, als Mitschüler der Parallelklasse an der "Duns Primary School" traf.
Die Verbindung brach ab einige Jahre nachdem meine Eltern 1967 nach Westdeutschland emigrierten. Sein letzter Brief datiert aus 1973.
Welche Überraschung für meine Frau und mich als in Mai 2002 eine vorsichtig formulierte E-Mail, an "Franz bei www.goschi.de" eintraf, die im wesentlichen aus einer Frage bestand: "Franz, is it you?".

{IMAGES coming up} George Purves / Ottmar Ring / Josef Lang

George Purves, my second pal, hails from Waulkermill (near Fogo), Berwickshire, Scotland. (no homepage)
Ottmar Ring, one of the two first pals in Germany, grew up in Gersthofen (near Augsburg), Germany. (no homepage)
Josef Lang, the other of the two first pals in Germany, grew up in Augsburg, Germany. (no homepage)


{IMAGES coming up} Uwe Wahle / Andreas Siebenhüner / Josef Club / Bernd Jedrowiak / ...

Uwe Wahle, student at Bochum, Germany (no homepage)
Andreas Siebenhüner, student at Bochum, Germany (no homepage)
Josef Club, student at Bochum, Germany (no homepage)
Bernd Jedrowiak, student at Bochum, Germany (no homepage)
And many more male and female students at Bochum, Germany


{IMAGES coming up} Armin Saalmann / Michael Meschede / Andreas Auge / Olena Tkachuk / Iris Hehnke-Gröber

Colleagues at work:
Armin Saalmann (no homepage)
Michael Meschede (no homepage)
Andreas Auge (no homepage)
Olena Tkachuk
Iris Hehnke-Gröber (no homepage)


{IMAGES coming up} Ortrud Kabus / Helga Rhein

Friends in the vicinity:
Ortrud Kabus
Helga Rhein (no homepage)


{IMAGES coming up} David Weissgerber / Jan Sojka / Mary Ann & Henry Heber

Friends on the Isles:
David Weissgerber
Jan Sojka (no homepage)
Mary Ann & Henry Heber (no homepage)


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