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Hello folks, for starters I'll just contribute a series of photographs.
Mostly highlights in my upbringing - at least to myself
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Franz Goschi as a Toddler

Franz with a trout 1956
I, Franz, with a trout 1956.

Cairnsmill view 1956
View of Cairnsmill House, the Mill and the Blackadder Valley from the Bogend to Fogo road in 1956.
Just above the roof of the mill, itself nested beside the (invisible) mill race, the county town of Duns is perceptible in the greyish haze between the trees.

Franz Goschi, born in The Knoll, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland in Feb. 1955 with a snowstorm raging outside, so my parents say.
... more some other time

Franz Goschi, im Ortskrankenhaus "The Knoll" in Duns, Grafschaft Berwickshire, in Schottland in Feb. 1955 zur Welt gekommen während draußen ein Schneesturm tobte, sagen zumindest meine Eltern.
... mehr bei Gelegenheit

Franz Goschi just recently at School

Franz and Erica in front of our first car, 1960
Me and my sister Erica in front of our first car, 1960.

Franz helping cut wood, 1962
Franz helping to cut wood for the winter, 1962.
The actors: Dad operating the circular saw, me slaving away, and Erica and my younger brother, Robert, just playing around.

Franz Goschi growing up

Franz' 10th Birthday Party Feb. 1965
A proud youngster presiding the table on occasion of His tenth birthday, Feb. 1965.

The others, beginning from the left:
Johnny Weissgerber
Billy Ebner
Robert, my younger brother
Ian Murray
Andrew Zimmermann
David Chapman
Donald Murray
Erica, my sister
Carol Elder
Elizabeth Weissgerber
Marlene Elder
My other best friend, George Purves was seriously ill at this occasion and could not join in the celebrations

Franz and Susan, 1974
Me and my youngest sister, Susan, in 1974.
We had left for Germany in Oct. 1967, so this sunny photograph was taken on my parent's balcony in Augsburg, West Germany.

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